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  • Ethics and Compliance

    Patients Are Behind Everything We Do

    The patient is at the heart of all we do in our mission to improve healthcare.

    We call it “The Patient Principle.” To live up to our commitment to patients’ wellbeing, we strive to work according to the highest standards of ethical practice in our clinical research, business practices, and community relationships.

    Healthcare is a global mission, and that means we make this promise to patients worldwide.

    Living Our Principles

    The Patient Principle is deeply integrated throughout our policies, procedures and organizational structure in three fundamental practices:

    • Ethical Research: Our Promise to Patients
    • Compliance and Business Integrity: A Trusted Partner, Worldwide
    • Quality is in Our DNA: Delivering the Best—the First Time

    Keeping patients’ wellbeing at the center of our business makes Quintiles a healthy, sustainable organization. We constantly strive to advance our understanding and practice of ethical research and business—to go beyond the letter of the law and regulation and act according to the spirit of right doing.

    Quintiles’ Sustainability Report is published annually to define our goals and to measure our performance and progress.