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  • Ethics and Compliance Office

    The Ethics and Compliance Office (ECO) oversees Quintiles’ compliance program and helps foster a culture of compliance and ethics throughout Quintiles. It is lead by our Chief Compliance Officer and is responsible for:

    • The development and implementation of a comprehensive corporate Compliance and Ethics Program 
    • Fostering a culture of compliance and ethics throughout Quintiles 

    Doing the Right Thing is Quintiles’ worldwide code of conduct. It describes company expectations of acceptable behavior in a variety of areas, including healthcare regulations, conflicts of interest and data privacy protection. It also informs employees about additional resources for guidance. View or download our code of conduct in English: Doing the Right Thing. This document is also available in 12 other languages. If you would like a copy, contact us or download a copy here:

    The Quintiles Business Ethics Office is available to answer questions or offer guidance regarding the standards outlined in Doing the Right Thing.

    Each Quintiles employee is responsible for upholding Quintiles commitment to ethical business conduct. As representatives of Quintiles, employees must conduct their work with integrity and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing our business.

    There may be times when employees have questions or concerns about how to interpret or apply Quintiles standards for ethical business conduct. Managers and other local resources, including human resources representatives, are always available for help. In addition to those local resources, employees may contact the Business Ethics Office or the Business Ethics HelpLine to assist them in understanding and abiding by our business conduct standards.

    The Quintiles Business Ethics HelpLine is available for employees or others to call to ask questions, seek guidance or raise concerns about Quintiles’ standards for ethical business conduct. Employees are encouraged to speak with their manager or another local resource, such as their human resources representative about such matters. However, there may be times when an employee is not comfortable approaching his or her manager or others to discuss sensitive matters. For those situations, Quintiles has established the Business Ethics HelpLine as a confidential communication alternative.

    Quintiles uses EthicsPoint, an outside vendor, to provide the Business Ethics HelpLine service. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports may be filed on line or by dialing the toll-free number for the country identified on: www.quintilesethics.com.

    Emails inquires can also be sent to business.ethics@quintiles.com.

    All inquiries will be handled promptly. There is the option of remaining anonymous except where prohibited by law or regulation. EthicsPoint does not conduct any inquiry or investigation directly but will promptly forward all inquiries to Quintiles’ Ethics and Compliance Office to address or investigate. Corrective action will be taken as necessary.