• CME Leadership Team

    Kathleen Marley-Matts, Managing Director

    As Managing Director, Kathleen is responsible for the overall strategy and growth of QME. Having worked in the certified education sector for more than 10 years, she is well-versed in the demands of the rapidly changing landscape.

    Prior to joining Quintiles, Kathleen managed a CME-specific medical education company for Thomson (now Thomson Reuters), and led the clinical services group responsible for servicing 6 medical education companies at CardinalHealth. Before that, she was a university professor. In her current role, Kathleen focuses on meeting the intricacies of the evolving educational sector with an emphasis on innovative patient-centric education and enhanced outcomes.

    David J. Nederhood, PharmD, VP, Medical & Scientific Services

    As VP, Medical and Scientific Services for Quintiles Medical Education, Dr. David Nederhood brings a wealth of scientific and clinical knowledge, an understanding of physician learners and the ability to apply adult learning techniques to medical education efforts. David leads our team of medical writers and editors, as they perform thorough needs assessments, assist in developing learning objectives and program design, and interact with program faculty to produce scientifically rigorous, clinically relevant and fair-balanced content. In addition to his management responsibilities, David works on development of content in the areas of cardiovascular, transplantation, and infectious diseases.

    Beth Fox, VP, Account Management

    Beth Fox calls upon 15 years’ experience in the medical education arena as VP, Account Management. Beth is responsible for a team of account managers, program managers, and project coordinators, who are charged with implementing and delivering our educational activities. Beth’s deep understanding of the adult learning principles upon which our programs are based allows her to ensure that all projects are realized with the appropriate spirit and vision.

    Walter Wood, Director, Interactive Services

    As Interactive Services Director, Walter is responsible is for managing, developing, and enhancing web products, applications, and services with a strong focus on developing an integrated customer experience. Walter has worked closely with all departments to identify, plan, and implement new and enhanced web/interactive services.

    Prior to joining Quintiles, Walter was fully responsible for eight Web sites supporting the New York Board of Trade’s global marketplace including design and architecture planning, infrastructure management, development and testing, launch, and maintenance/support. He is well versed in internet strategic planning and project initiation efforts and oversees all aspects of delivery.

    Jeff Ecks, Art Director

    As Art Director, Jeff oversees the look and feel of all our work from concept through execution. With more than 15 years’ experience, Jeff has a keen eye for the design and detail that bring our projects to life. Prior to joining Quintiles, Jeff worked on the local art gallery circuit before settling in at Nextel. During his decade of tenure with Quintiles, Jeff has worked in a variety of mixed media, including both digital and traditional formats. He is part technician, part artist, and fully dedicated to honest, innovative design.

    Because the science of outcome measurement has yet to scale many hurdles, QME will continue to stay abreast of this evolving methodology and will, as progress dictates, modify its approach to meet the next challenge.

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