Compliance & Business Integrity

A trusted partner, worldwide

We strive to be a trusted partner—for patients who use the medicines and information we help develop, for our customers and healthcare colleagues, and for our communities, worldwide.


Compliance with global laws and regulations is only the first step in acting responsibly. We strive to comply fully with all legal and regulatory requirements that pertain to Quintiles operations in more than 100 countries:

  • Healthcare and Research
  • Employee Protections
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption
  • Taxes and Finance
  • Environmental and Safety Standards 


Being a trusted partner means acting in the spirit as well as the letter of the law. We strive to act in the best interests of patients and society by recognizing unmet needs. We adopt and foster best research and business practices as global rules and regulations evolve.

Business integrity means right-doing in all Quintiles operations. We ensure ethical standards through our Codes of Conduct, which specify corporate policies and standard operating procedures. We implement policies and standards through employee compliance training.

  • Financial Conflict of Interest Program
    • Ensures research objectivity
    • Implements financial conflict of interest disclosure requirements
    • Questions about the FCOI Program and Operating Procedure may be directed to
    • Supplier Code of Conduct sets standards for doing business with Quintiles

Living Our Principles

"Doing the Right Thing" is Quintiles' Worldwide Code of Conduct. It describes company expectations for acceptable behavior in areas including healthcare regulation, conflicts of interest, and data privacy protection, and informs employees about additional resources for guidance. View or download our code of conduct in English: Doing the Right Thing.

The Chief Medical and Scientific Officer has special oversight of medical ethics and provides leadership in the ethical conduct of clinical studies, serves as chair of Quintiles' Early Safety Committee and as vice-chair of Quintiles' Council on Research Ethics.

The Ethics and Compliance Office (ECO) oversees Quintiles' compliance program and fosters a culture of compliance and ethics throughout the company. The ECO develops and implements Quintiles' global Ethics and Compliance Program, which assesses compliance risks, sets standards and policies, and monitors, audits and investigates compliance related issues.

  • Business Ethics Office. Every employee is responsible for upholding Quintiles commitment to ethical business conduct. The Business Ethics Office answers questions and offers guidance regarding the standards outlined in "Doing the Right Thing." Employees may also contact the Business Ethics HelpLine for assistance.
  • Compliance Training. A critical element of Quintiles’ Ethics and Compliance Program is the education and training of employees regarding their obligations under applicable law, policy, codes, and standards. Quintiles has a Core Compliance Curriculum of required training.
  • Customer and Investigator Feedback Surveys. Our feedback programs provide insights and recommendations that enable Quintiles to continually improve the customer and investigator experience. This structured governance system is built around a closed-loop process that allows us to detect, correct, and prevent study or delivery issues. Aggregate survey results contribute to corporate objectives and staff performance goals. The value of this program is evidenced by high response rates from customers and investigators.