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  • Our Focus

    We bring people and knowledge together for a healthier world.

    Quintiles is the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services with a network of more than 29,000 employees conducting business in approximately 100 countries. We have helped develop or commercialize all of 2013’s top 100, best-selling products or compounds. Quintiles applies the breadth and depth of our service offerings along with extensive therapeutic, scientific and analytics expertise to help our customers navigate an increasingly complex healthcare environment as they seek to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of better healthcare outcomes.

    What We Deliver

    We address the needs of biopharmaceutical and other healthcare companies including payers and providers. We use our expertise and insights to help customers optimize the value of their drug development, commercialization and health care delivery. Our mission? To earn our customers’ trust by delivering on our promises with high-quality health care services that help improve outcomes.

    We can support our customers from initial human testing through patent expiration, from strategy through planning and execution. Through our extensive range of services, we solve our customers’ biggest challenges with better decision making: decreasing costs, improving productivity, and saving time. The broad scope of our services helps our customers rapidly assess the viability of a growing number of potential new therapies, cost-effectively accelerate development of the most promising ones, successfully launch new products to market and evaluate their impact and appropriate use in patients.

    All along, we work with an unwavering dedication to patients, safety and ethics.

    Product Development  

    Our Product Development group enables biopharmaceutical R&D, medical device and diagnostics companies, government and non-government organizations, generic and biosimilar customers to outsource the entire development process from first-in-man studies to post-launch evaluation. Our comprehensive services provide the expertise and capabilities as well as the systems and analytical expertise necessary at each stage of development, required from proof of concept to market success.

    Integrated Healthcare Services 

    Our Integrated Healthcare Services address the outsourced commercial needs of biopharmaceutical companies as well as the needs of payers, providers and other healthcare stakeholders for value-based analyses, research studies and evidence-based medicine. When combined with our Product Development offerings, our Integrated Healthcare Services enable solutions across the full lifecycle of a product.

    The Quintiles Way

    We lead with science, leveraging extensive therapeutic expertise, with more than 950 medical doctors on staff representing numerous fields.

    Our medical experts understand the scientific advances and implications of the changing landscape.

    We also have substantial quantitative, analytical and applied technology capabilities, with more than 900 employees possessing Ph.D.s. Our award-winning, innovative technology solutions have been recognized frequently by industry and IT experts. Quintiles has been named to the InformationWeek 500 list of Information Technology Innovators for five consecutive years.

    With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have taken the art of drug development and commercialization processes, making it into an evidence-based science, with quality and speed built in at every step. Over the past 10 years, Quintiles has started up 100,000 investigator sites, smoothing all the bumps along the way. When a customer needed an accelerated sales force build across seven countries, Quintiles recruited, trained and implemented highly effective field sales teams in just four months.

    Quintiles brings to bear the strength and depth of its global resources with the local insights required to navigate today’s complex global landscape. This expansive network of professionals are deeply committed to the work they do and have been recognized as creating a top ten best place to work by the Great Places to Work Institute.

    Quintiles’ success begins and ends with our customers’ success. By applying a variety of outsourcing models from single source to full service, from functional outsourcing through portfolio management, Quintiles builds the right customer relationship to deliver maximum value.