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Analytics hold great promise for the pharma industry – but you have to understand how they work to reap the benefits.
John Doyle
Expectations for RWE are shaping the value conversation in healthcare. At this year’s ISPOR, we will explore what this trend means for pharma and how they can generate the most benefit from these studies.
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How pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs) increase the robustness of real world studies at a fraction of the cost of classical randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs).
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Passion drives my work
A clinical research associate shares what clinical research means to him and the patients he works with.
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Michael Kleinrock
Growth is slow, and stakeholders continue to be concerned about lack of transparency in pricing.
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Forrest Anthony
Targeted therapies continue to churn out new oncology treatments meeting unmet medical needs among cancer patients around the world.
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Nigel Rulewski
Lai-Lee Tan
How the data deluge in clinical research lead QuintilesIMS to embed analysts on the project management team in support of better utilization of analytic outputs.
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Vishal Khanna
How collaborating for downstream commercial activities can drive value, agility, and optimize business operations across the biopharma commercial organization.
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Paul Harney
How outsourcing to a multi-dimensional partner can cut the time and cost of commercial launches, while giving emerging biotech companies greater flexibility to grow.
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Helga Williams
For some patients and carers, home visits from a nurse may be the only support and contact they can rely on.
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