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Exploring the IT infrastructure healthcare organizations will need to support their move to Advanced APMs.
Susan Abedi
Susan Harris
Providing patients with materials about their condition and treatment options helps drive clinical trial recruitment and retention, as well as adherence to prescribed medications.
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Penny Randall
How an Alzheimer’s disease study demonstrated the economic, scientific, and social benefits of telemedicine to clinical research.
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Allen Kindman
Mike Montello
Siteless trials and virtual doctor visits are just a few of the tantalizing tools that will redefine the next generation of clinical research.
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Adina Knight
At this year’s DIA annual meeting, Adina Knight will share insights into the effective use of big data in combination with patient and physician feedback to streamline recruiting for rare disease trials.
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Annette Williams
How automation and the possibilities of artificial intelligence can revolutionize pharmacovigilance.
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Don’t miss this DIA panel where FDA and EMA leaders will discuss when and where real-world evidence could replace RCTs.
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Big data and rare disease research take center stage of this year’s BIO International in June.
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Joan Drucker
How the industry is collaborating to rapidly develop better diagnostics and innovative vaccines in response to this global healthcare crisis.
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