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How automation, harmonization and outsourcing are changing the way the industry conducts pharmacovigilance.
Karen Knecht
Becoming familiar with the new MACRA Quality Payment Program (QPP) is a first step in undertaking the implementation of its complex requirements.
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Chris Bamford
How Regulation 536/2014 will impact the way developers conduct research in the EU.
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Kenric England
The importance of stage gate reviews to good clinical research project management.
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Ray Huml
A look at the six challenges companies face when pursuing this potentially lucrative development path.
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Annie Bing
When clinical research sites join networks, they can leverage the expertise of the collective, generating real benefits for sponsors.
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Sylvie Dupin
On dealing with the unpredictability of seasonal studies.
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Barbara Gillespie
A follow-up report on the CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Forum, and the opportunities to enhance collaboration between cardiologists, endocrinologists, and nephrologists for the benefit of patients with chronic kidney disease.
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Lana Pauls
A look at the FDA’s approach to using social media to track and manage adverse event reports.
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Catherine de Castro
How QuntilesIMS is building an army of project managers ready to tackle every risk that comes their way.
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Marie Lux
How patient-driven study design reduces the barriers to trial participation.
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