Promise of Integration
To be successful in the dynamic environment of today’s healthcare industry, biopharmaceutical companies need to do two things:
  1.  Figure out how to harness disparate data sources from payers, providers, patients and their own vast data warehouses.
  2. Participate in partnerships with payers, providers, and even other biopharma companies with the goal of crafting end-to-end solutions that help them all to be more successful. 

These two strategies are the building blocks of a systems-oriented approach to healthcare. systems thinking looks at the end-to-end drug development process and leverages data from highly disparate sources to make better, faster decisions throughout the development lifecycle. 

These partnerships can’t just occur in the final stages of development. To be successful, biopharma companies need to factor systems-thinking into the entire process of bringing a drug to market-- from the time a compound enters development through to commercialization, with data integration at the center of decision-making. 

The process by which data is applied against the ultimate product development is where systems-thinking becomes most valuable. Through these collaborations and data mining initiatives, we can enhance our ability to meet the needs of payers, providers and patients, which will form the basis of success for biopharma companies in the future. 

For more information about the changing value definition in the healthcare industry, download: Partnerships, patients and proof: the path forward for drug development and delivery