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Brazilians flock to pharmacies: How healthcare companies can bolster sales by embracing this shifting shopper trend
Joan Drucker
Wellcome Trust working group explores the benefits of trial networks to reduce the time and cost of bringing new antibiotics to market.
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Paul Kelly
How a new regulatory update will change the way companies file safety reports – and what to do to prepare.
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Peter Rutherford
In addition to scientific knowledge, Medical Science Liaisons need good communications skills to build solid relationships with KOLs.
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Simon Francis
How to choose the right meeting environment for investigator training.
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Alan Frederickson
How wearable glucose monitoring devices could change the way diabetes trials are conducted.
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Paul Harney
How an integrated approach to engagement eliminates friction and helps patients embrace their care.
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Becky Galbraith
Other forms of engagement between nurses and patients amplifies and extends the nurse's support and keeps the idea of learning about their disease foremost in patients' minds.
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Barbara Gillespie
This year’s CVCT forum is dedicating a session towards understanding the evidence gaps for CV drugs in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.
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Christoper Kelly
How to produce industry content that professionals will actually read.
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John Doyle
The potential benefits of regenerative medicine are huge, but the increased complexity of developing and applying these therapies presents market access challenges.
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