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Brazilians flock to pharmacies: How healthcare companies can bolster sales by embracing this shifting shopper trend
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Claude Hughes
How innovations in maternal immunizations could save the lives of infants around the world and help WHO reach its Fourth Millennium Development Goal.
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Juan Gispert
The challenges of conducting allergy research and how to overcome them.
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The ongoing Ebola crisis has become one of the greatest public health challenges of modern time. Thousands of people are dead, communities are devastated, families have been torn apart, and national economies and healthcare systems brought to their knees. It has also been a powerful catalyst for the healthcare industry, causing competitors to set aside their differences and join forces, working together create a vaccine with the potential to save millions of lives and putting a stop to this devastating epidemic. While media coverage has focused (quite rightly) on the human toll of Ebola, biopharma companies, regulators and global health organizations have been collaborating in the background to rapidly develop, test, and validate vaccines and anti-viral drugs that will combat the Ebola...
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