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Brazilians flock to pharmacies: How healthcare companies can bolster sales by embracing this shifting shopper trend
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Susan Abedi
Randy Thomas
Exploring the IT infrastructure healthcare organizations will need to support their move to Advanced APMs.
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Penny Randall
How an Alzheimer’s disease study demonstrated the economic, scientific, and social benefits of telemedicine to clinical research.
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Allen Kindman
Mike Montello
Siteless trials and virtual doctor visits are just a few of the tantalizing tools that will redefine the next generation of clinical research.
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Annette Williams
How automation and the possibilities of artificial intelligence can revolutionize pharmacovigilance.
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Nadea Leavitt
Analytics hold great promise for the pharma industry – but you have to understand how they work to reap the benefits.
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Lai-Lee Tan
How the data deluge in clinical research lead QuintilesIMS to embed analysts on the project management team in support of better utilization of analytic outputs.
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Eric Hodgins
Science and technology are constantly evolving, enabling researchers to capture more and better data across the drug development lifecycle. But lagging regulations may prevent us from making the most of these new tools.
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Karen Knecht
Helping to move the healthcare system from volume-based to value-based.
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