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Brazilians flock to pharmacies: How healthcare companies can bolster sales by embracing this shifting shopper trend
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Barbara Klimas
Continuous Glucose Monitoring provides a balance to the A1c biomarker, providing thousands of data points to help improve diabetes treatment.
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Francine Cabrera
One diabetes educator’s perspective on how her work contributes to developing additional diabetes treatment and care options.
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Rick Turner
Biopharmaceutical medicines bring tremendous benefit to millions of patients worldwide. However, it is an unfortunate but immutable fact that no biologically active drug is free from the possibility of causing adverse reactions in certain individuals who are genetically and/or environmentally susceptible. Drugs for cardiac diseases or conditions of clinical concern are expected to affect the heart, having a mechanism of action that brings therapeutic benefit via advantageous changes to a patient’s biology and physiology. Drugs for all other diseases, i.e., non-cardiac drugs, are not intended to affect the heart, but it is extremely important that appropriate investigations are conducted during its development to ensure that a new drug will not have an unacceptable risk of cardiac side...
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