Key Account Manager

Key Account Manager jobs in the UK can differ between companies, but the main purpose is to bring about an increase in product sales by being the “orchestra leader,” bringing together the expertise of the Company to work “in partnership with” the NHS customer. Right now, Quintiles is actively engaged in Key Account Manager recruitment.

Key Account Manager Role Requirements:

  • Excellent networking skills, so as to access the right people, be they from your own Company or contacts within the NHS
  • To be knowledgeable about NHS guidelines/protocols/initiatives/targets etc, so as to work with these to bring about a working partnership
  • Key Account Manager careers require that you have very good interpersonal skills, as they are required to work with a range of customers from senior staff in the PCT/SHA to clinical staff with a hospital or GP surgery and administrative staff, such as a Practice Manager who may have a responsibility to oversee or lead an NHS project
  • The ability to think outside the box is important, as the solution to a situation is not always straight forward
UK Key Account Manager Candidate Profile

Applicants for Key Account Manager (KAM) jobs will need a strong pharmaceutical background - ideally across both primary and secondary care - with an excellent understanding of the current NHS environment and key account management. 

In addition, you should have experience developing and delivering business plans, involving key influencers across focused specific accounts and demonstrate sales success through the Key Account Management approach. High levels of relationship management, communication, prioritisation skills and adding value are essential. Experience of working across multi-disciplinary teams and KOL development, plus ability to flex approach and involve others to achieve the required result, recruitment is also required.