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  • Consulting Health Check Diagnostic

    Optimize the Health of Your Clinical Development Processes

    Clinical Development Health Check Diagnostic (HCD) is a core biopharma diagnostic tool that gives you a window into the performance, cost, and quality of your key processes. Our proven approach assesses and addresses operational gaps within your organization – helping you drive competitive advantage.

     Gain a Comprehensive View of Your Key Clinical Development Indicators

    Following our well defined framework of indicators, with HCD, you receive comprehensive output on your key clinical process indicators, tailored to your specific needs. See how this works with our case studies on Optimizing Your Clinical Development Sourcing Strategy.

    Representative Clinical Development Metrics

    The framework is composed of eleven different metrics categories across the areas of performance, cost and quality. Rolling your mouse across the graphic below will reveal sample metrics in five representative categories. Metrics actually used will be dependent upon sponsor and project scope.


    Benchmarking and Opportunity Assessment Translated to Action.

    We use vast repositories of data and experience to benchmark your clinical development activities and determine the most effective ways to drive innovation. An extensive interview process further validates and elucidates findings. From there, we can identify, evaluate and prioritize improvement opportunities, develop solutions and create an implementation roadmap.

    Learn more about putting HCD to work for you.

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    Clinical Development Health Check Diagnostic

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    Optimizing Clinical Development Sourcing

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