Experienced Medical Representative

Quintiles is engaged in different projects which are conducted mostly on behalf of multinational companies. Highly qualified experienced or inexperienced Medical Promotion/Sales Representatives take charge in these projects.

Advantages of working in Quintiles sales teams:

  • Being part of growth and development of an organization that by its very nature incorporates a fast growth potential. 
  • Advantages of working in a multinational company that developed the business idea and model of its own field.
  • Although increasing depending to the specific project, existence of standard and ethical practices which apply for all projects.
  • In an organization with by its very nature performance based notion of work, the fact that beside team achievement also individual achievements are encouraged.
  • Working in a system where success is objectively assessed as a consequence of objective and fair measurement of your performance with project-specific developed performance assessment systems.
  • The opportunity to use your differing experience and background in teams established in accordance with the structure of the projects and consequently having the chance to have opportunities for different development and career.
  • Besides projects ending with the candidate pool which we created for our successful employees, opportunity to take charge in newly beginning projects.