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What We Do

Quintiles helps biopharma companies navigate the New Health and increase their probability of success.

To succeed, companies must increase speed to market, maximize productivity, improve quality and deliver more value to all healthcare stakeholders. To achieve this transformation, Quintiles provides:

Clinical Research and Development Services

These services are aimed at bringing safe, new medicines and devices to patients in need. This group is transforming clinical research to improve productivity, delivery and quality by:
  • Providing streamlined end-to-end solutions across the drug development lifecycle.
  • Using sophisticated data analytics to design and execute more effective trials.
  • Improving study monitoring using data analytics, study indicators and on-site/centralized monitors.
  • Deploying innovative platforms, such as Quintiles Infosario™, that integrate data, systems and processes to increase clinical development transparency and productivity.
  • Offering innovative business models, including co-development and outcomes-based models.

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Commercial, Product Marketing & Sales Solutions

(Formerly known as Innovex) to help customers identify the optimal value of their drug or biologic; launch and promote treatments; and demonstrate the value of their products over time by engaging with patients and driving adherence. This group helps customers optimize commercial value to all stakeholders across the entire brand lifecycle.

Quintiles has the world’s largest Commercial solutions organization dedicated to the launch and marketing of products on a country-specific, regional or global basis, with 10,000+ field professionals in more than 30 countries addressing physician and patient needs.

Our Commercial solutions area includes:
  • Sales Solutions, including the recruitment, training and deployment of customer-managed primary and secondary sales teams; health management services; and vacancy management.
  • Medical Communications to promote physician education and communications programs, including symposia, exhibition support at major scientific congresses, advisory boards and publication planning.
  • Brand Solutions that leverage Quintiles’ extensive Commercial capabilities together with marketing management expertise, to take complete or partial responsibility for a brand.
  • Product Solutions that leverage Quintiles’ insight to help achieve a commercially-guided clinical strategy for both products and portfolios, helping to ensure faster market access and sustained commercial success.
  • Patient-Centric Services that employ an integrated, closed–loop approach to patient acquisition, adherence and retention to build brand value.


Consulting to help companies maximize potential and minimize risk from discovery through development and commercialization. With full-time consultants in the U.S. and Europe, this group provides strategic, operational and technical advice through the following practice areas:

  • Product Development and Commercialization.
  • Market Access.
  • Regulatory and Quality.
  • Market Intelligence.
  • Pharmacovigilance.
  • Patient Data Analytics

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