Dupin, PhD
Director, Clinical Project Management, Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Sylvie, a Pharmacist with a PhD and post doc in Pharmacology, has more than 19 years’ experience working in clinical research. She has worked as a global project/program/oversight manager for the last 13 years with an excellent track record in terms of both project delivery and outstanding customer satisfaction. She has truly global expertise having worked on full service studies across all regions involving up to 60 countries, across 900 sites and over 63,000 patients/subjects.

Sylvie has significant experience working on flu treatment and HIV and notably played a lead role in the pivotal program of studies for the first in a new class of antiretroviral agents to be approved for the HIV indication. Sylvie has also gained a wealth of knowledge working in critical care and hospital in-patient studies in both paediatric and adult populations, through leading global studies/program in vaccines (Dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis), HepB, HPV, pneumonia (HAP/VAP), cytomegalovirus in transplant patients and skin infection.

Sylvie has led two government funded global studies where she played a key role as point of contact for the customer management team. For the latter of the two studies, and in view of her extensive experience working with BARDA, Sylvie was assigned as the program director which involved co-chairing the Joint Oversight Committee for that customer. 

All the above, together with her strong operational and therapeutic knowledge, well equipped Sylvie to become in 2014 the Global Program Oversight Director for a large vaccine program with a partnership customer. Since then she has extended her oversight role to additional infectious diseases indications and other customers.

Sylvie also assists with business development opportunities within the Infectious Diseases & Vaccines Unit (strategic development, planning and budgeting). She had line management responsibilities between 2006 and Aug 2011.

Sylvie Dupin

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