Understanding the needs of local payers is more important than ever for biopharma. It can be challenging to uncover the key requirements of a local market, and even more difficult to prove how a drug can help fulfill the unmet needs of the local population.

With payers becoming more sophisticated in their evidentiary needs, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) now require data that is tailored to their local healthcare economy. The data generated needs to go beyond regulatory approval; it needs to prove cost effectiveness, provide checkpoints between payer and biopharma, and ensure the removal of any uncertainties that may result in barriers to market access.

Quintiles has a network of strong local market access teams to help support you in reaching local decision makers and demonstrating the value of a brand through improved patient outcomes. We can help provide evidentiary data to complement experimental clinical trials for use in supporting adoption on payer formularies, alongside a host of other valuable market access services.