Despite major medical advances in the fields of allergy and respiratory medicine, there is still no definitive cure for chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, IPF, and CF. And with research in these indications being one of the most intensely competitive areas in drug development, sponsors have only increasing pressures to deliver more effective treatments through their clinical development programs.

Quintiles Allergy and Respiratory (ART) Center of Excellence can help advance your studies in these and related indications from early clinical development to post-marketing studies. With pulmonologists, respiratory medical and senior advisors, and experienced operational staff across the globe, we will help:

  • integrate the scientific, therapeutic, operational, and commercial components of your programs for improved outcomes
  • select and find the right patient populations for your studies utilizing precision medicine
  • reduce study cycle times
  • improve your overall trial productivity and efficiency
  • improve your probability for regulatory and market success

Supporting these efforts is Quintiles BioSpit initiative--created to improve the quality of allergy and respiratory research by harmonizing methods and sputum data analysis across collaborating centers. Spanning early clinical development to global lab testing, the BioSpit Initiative ensures delivery of high quality sputum induction and processing methods and ongoing support throughout the study.

We helped develop or commercialize 95% if the top selling allergy and respiratory products of 2013. Find out how we can help you. Download the fact sheet to learn more.