The number of therapeutic options in cancer care is growing, and with it the complexity of treatment. Doctors are now faced with various decisions and choices from combinations of well-known drugs to precision medicines and personalized treatments, such as immunotherapies or even cell-based therapies. Some may come with complex changes to clinical pathways, or unfamiliar delivery systems and new side effect patterns. To better understand what information physicians require to help them navigate this explosion in choice and opportunity, in 2016, the QuintilesIMS team surveyed 98 oncologists over the top five EU countries. This infographic examines the results and how insights gathered can help inform your communication strategy, by addressing physicians’ needs around clinical trial data and understanding the impact of new treatments. It also looks at how to help create optimal support for cancer patients as they come to terms with a potentially life-changing or life-limiting illness. Listening to patients, and understanding their opinion on, and expectations of, treatments can provide valuable insight on the support that you should consider providing to oncology physicians.