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Shaping and delivering entrepreneurial responsibility together. When it comes to exploiting the full potential of certain products or product lines, you will find a strategic partner in us who possesses the required talent and know-how in the biopharmaceutical market and who can provide the necessary resources.

At Brand Management, we have the shared conviction that the revenue on one or more products can be increased in the long term with our support. If that is the case, we will enter into an intensive and long-term arrangement with you.

The most unique aspect in this is the cooperative character of the contracts: Both partners mutually profit from the marketing success of the products, and also carry the risks of a possible flop. The standard of measurement is usually the added profit realized with Quintiles Commercial support. So in a Risk Gain Share project we are carrying part of the entrepreneurial responsibility - with all the opportunities and risks.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Prolong the product life cycle
  • Full realization of revenue potential with guaranteed revenue volume
  • Further penetration of positively established brand names
  • No further marketing investments
  • Prevention of situations of internal competition
  • Bundling of capacities
  • Reduce overhead costs (such as personnel administration)
  • Risk protection

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