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Our commercial group develops synergies for your efficient marketing success. In commercial Co-Promotion Teams (CPT), two equally weighted force products and a reminder are detailed. What's unique about this: Products come from various customers in the health care industry, but are not in competition with each other. By "sharing" one field service team for the same target group, the costs for marketing a product are sharply reduced - in the ideal case up to 40% compared to an exclusive team or a proprietary field force! After all, you only pay the position you occupy. 

Experienced representatives work on our Co-Promotion Teams who are fully committed to the success of your products. The call average of nine doctor visits per day lies significantly above the industry standard. In addition, our Magellan Team representatives have the essential industry know-how and adapt quickly to new products. Our Magllan Team Management knows how to do Co-Promotion by heart. 

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Lower costs through Co-Promotion 
  • A neutral partner who manages the team: Quintiles
  • Rapid increase in Share-of-Voice
  • Creation of entrance barriers for competitors
  • Flexibility in conditions, price and duration
  • Cost-efficient prolongation of the product life cycle
  • Reduction of overhead costs (such as personnel administration)
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