Market access

Localizing market access strategies

Getting your drug to market in the UK requires early engagement with payers to demonstrate your product’s value. To do this effectively, you need specialist knowledge, local expertise, and a complete understanding of the local health landscape.

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During clinical development you should begin to develop a tailored local market access program. Using our experienced teams and local NHS knowledge, Quintiles can develop a robust and innovative market access strategy, designed to maximize the success of your product throughout its lifecycle. 

Accelerating market access using integrated tools tailored to your brand

We can help support the development of a credible value story for payers. Here’s how:
  • Outcomes observations: identifying good practice, sub-optimal practice and barriers to realizing value.
  • Patient support services: helping local health economies to improve clinical outcomes and supporting patients to improve adherence. 
  • Health informatics: using data and analytic services to reveal specific challenges and characteristics of a local health economy. 
  • Pathway redesign: working locally to review the patient journey, designing and implementing strategies to maximize the impact of a therapeutic solution.
  • Simulation modeling: to understand the impact of service redesign on other parts of a patient pathway.

Addressing your value, access and outcomes challenges

Quintiles can help to gain access, collect outcomes data and demonstrate product value through: 
  1. Understanding and responding to local payer needs for demonstrating long-term value.
  2. Identifying local needs of patients to improve adherence rates
  3. Finding areas to help maximize the lifecycle success of a product.

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