Interleukin-28B Genotyping

Quintiles supports your clinical trials using cutting-edge scientific technology and customized, validated genotyping assays with internal quality-controls.

Chronic infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) affects approximately 150 million people worldwide,1 with approximately 3 million of those in the United States alone.2 Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the IL28B gene are predictors of therapeutic response in patients with HCV3 and are so critical to clinical trial design that testing for IL28B genotype at the time of screening is required for clinical trials of HCV in North America, Europe and Asia. So, how can you be confident your patient samples are rapidly and accurately genotyped as you set up your global clinical studies?

Quintiles can ensure the reliability and consistency of your data through our use of a uniform set of validation and standard operating procedures across all of our CAP-accredited laboratories located around the world. Your valuable samples are shipped from the site of collection to the central lab located in the same region, a process that maintains the integrity of sample quality and allows for rapid reporting of results. To test IL28B genotype status, each of our central labs employs:

    • Automated DNA extraction using the Qiagen QIAcube
    • Applied Biosystems’ TaqMan® SNP assays for IL28B rs8099917 and rs12979860
    • Genotyping using Applied Biosystems’ ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR System

Our CAP-accredited network of central labs is globally harmonized to provide you with results that are reliable, accurate and of the highest quality, no matter where you conduct your trials, including our laboratory site in India, which is located in a region with increasing prevalence of HCV.4 Our global coverage means rapid results reporting, allowing efficient enrollment of your clinical trial. Working with Quintiles provides you best-practice compliant services, including: 

    • Sample logistics
    • Project management
    • Biobanking

IL28B is just one of our custom genotyping assays. Our global team of highly trained scientists in the Assay Development Lab have years of experience developing and validating new standard and specialized assays across all treatment areas. We welcome the opportunity to work with our clients to develop and validate SNP genotyping assays for your gene of interest.


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