Integrated Channel Management

A connected engagement strategy to reach physicians the right way

Based on increasing healthcare regulation, declining access to healthcare providers, and the proliferation of technology, traditional pharma models seem insufficient. The challenge of today’s pharma commercial model is to successfully meet customer needs by using, understanding and connecting a range of channels. Given that HCPs and patients are using an increasingly wide range of information sources, pharma companies should take advantage of innovative ways to reach them. Quintiles Live! solution successfully links to digital channels, resulting in higher stakeholder engagement.

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Marketing in a multichannel world

‘Going digital’ is a global business trend across industries, and pharma has been relatively slow to embrace the technology-fuelled changes of the last decade. At the same time, patients and healthcare professionals increasingly use digital devices for health-related information.

At one time, increasing healthcare regulation, declining access to healthcare providers, and the proliferation of technology predicted that traditional field roles would be eroded or replaced by technological solutions. 

Yet Live! human channels, including a range of face-to-face roles, remain important and can now be enhanced via a multichannel approach, including digital channels.

The power of ‘AND’

Today, a successful marketing strategy should embrace customers’ interests and preferences, striving for a channel mix that provides the desired information at a time and place that suits the target audience and situation.

It’s a combination of Live!, personal and non-personal interactions, which in Quintiles we refer to as ‘the power of AND.'

While pharma companies are beginning to catch up, there can still be a reluctance to risk experimenting or trying new approaches – but Quintiles now offers a compelling reason to do so.

Quintiles’ multichannel engagement solution

  • Comprehension - tap into our deep understanding and experience of the biopharma industry, healthcare systems and engagement with health stakeholders
  • Capabilities - leverage our broad range of capabilities, new and established, to help design, execute and measure multi-channel programs
  • Culture - trust us to provide compliant, quality solutions across geographies
At any point in your product’s lifecycle – pre-launch, launch, mid-cycle or after loss of exclusivity – we can help you try a new and different approach, a connected strategy to enhance reach and engage with your stakeholders. Contact us today!

The power of possibilities

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