(AMERICAS) Building Consensus: Improving Decision Quality in R&D Pipelines

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October 05, 2017

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One of the most critical areas of focus for Life Science companies is in making good investment decisions about their portfolio of products. The complexity of the research, coupled with the huge expense of clinical trials and long development timelines mean it is difficult to rank and decide on a limited number of products to focus the business on. This difficulty is exacerbated by the diverse views and backgrounds of the teams making these decisions, as well as the need to rank products according to many criteria including probability of success, potential market size, competitors, potential follow-on indications, and others.

In this webinar we discuss how real-time voting systems can be used to effectively rank products across multiple attributes in the Life Sciences. Such voting systems build effective consensus by allowing teams to view the variation in opinion and drive equitable, fact-based decision-making. We introduce a web-based toolset built specifically for this purpose, and demonstrate how it can be used to drive better investment decisions that more fairly represent the views of the individuals, and the group as a whole.


Rick Johnston, Ph.D.
Senior Enterprise Software Lead

David Wolter
Vice President

Sam Keating
Senior Principal