Optimizing Real-World Evidence Programs to Generate Value

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September 14, 2016

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Tailored approaches for emerging biopharma

Drug development challenges drive the need to translate scientific and therapeutic advances to better outcomes. As such, developing the evidence you need to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including investors, regulators, payers, providers and patients, and proving value in the real-world becomes critical.

In this webinar, Quintiles experts Laura Marquis and Dr. Aaron Mendelsohn share their thoughts on how emerging biopharma companies can leverage real-world and clinical evidence to shorten cycle times from pipeline to patient and achieve commercial success.

Key themes of the discussion include:

  • Real-world evidence: fueling a dynamic healthcare ecosystem
  • Comprehensive real-world evidence generation and planning
  • Optimizing evidence generation early and why it’s relevant to Emerging Biotech companies
  • Making real-world evidence work for your stakeholders


Laura Marquis
Vice President and Global Head, Emerging Biopharma

Aaron B. Mendelsohn, PhD, MPH
Director of Epidemiology