Precision Asset Valuation: Leveraging Insights from Clinical and Market Access Big Data

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May 11, 2016

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There is an abundance of data available which companies can leverage to support more precise asset valuations and more robust expectations about return on investment – but they rarely do. Overlaying technical probability of success in clinical development with market access drivers can help companies establish a more realistic picture of an asset’s value.

With this insight, it is possible to choose from a number of product development strategies to optimize factors such as product positioning and differentiation, time to launch, cost of development, regulatory approval, market access success and price.

This webinar will outline the factors driving asset valuation under different clinical program designs and will present strategies to optimize expected value of the compound/indication.

We will introduce two tools: Quintiles Infosario Design and HTA Accelerator and outline how they can inform asset due diligence decisions; reduce white space and proceed with clinical development as soon as you gain control over the asset. The example from Gruenenthal will demonstrate how they leveraged market access insight to better understand the true market value of a potential asset, and as a result shape the clinical development strategy for it.


Bruce Basson
Director, Biostatistics

Peter Wagner
Engagement Leader, Advisory Services

Bob Humphries
VisionRealisation Ltd, engaged as a strategy consultant by Grünenthal