"Similar" but not "Simpler": Effective Forecasting for Biosimilars in a quickly evolving market (AMERICAS)

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May 11, 2017

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Small-molecule generics have proven to be a game changer for pharmaceutical companies and the public, resulting in dramatic decreases in price due to increased competition. However, biosimilars pose a much more uncertain potential for both innovator manufacturers and their follow-on counterparts. In this environment, forecasting the timing and impact of loss of exclusivity and its impact is difficult. Both groups are struggling to understand the projected number of patients switching therapy, overall cost effects, and impact on market demand of new biosimilars.

In this webinar, we discussed approaches to forecasting the entrance of biosimilars into existing markets, both from an innovator and follow-on manufacturer perspective. We examined how both the timing and impacts of market entrance can be understood, and how analogs can be used to understand the effect on the market. Finally, we reviewed how regional considerations affect the uptake of biosimilars and how this can be modeled in the QuintilesIMS’ Forecasting Platform.


Rick Johnston, Ph.D.
Senior Enterprise Software Lead

Rick serves as Enterprise Software Expert for the practice. His focus is on building analytically complex business decisions at the asset and portfolio level. Enterprise software tools he has developed are actively used by 22 of the top 25 pharma companies. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Bioinformatics from UC Berkeley.

David Wolter
Vice President

David leads the US Strategy and Portfolio Analysis team at QuintilesIMS. He has assisted clients with a wide range of issues including product valuations, analog analyses, user-friendly valuation models, etc. Before joining IMS, David worked as a Senior Consultant for Arthur Andersen and Co. within the litigation consulting group.

Sam Keating
Senior Principal

Sam specializes in leading client projects with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies focused on portfolio management and asset-level strategy development. He has extensive experience collaborating with functional teams in R&D, forecasting, market research, pricing and marketing. He also co-leads our client delivered model team.