Supporting internal and external decision-making through effective MSL activities

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October 18, 2016

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Medial Science Liaisons (MSLs) provide an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry. They deploy complex data into clinical settings, whilst also collecting valuable insights via their relationships with HCPs and wider stakeholders. These insights are key to informing and shaping effective medical strategy.

In our upcoming webinar, we bring together three Quintiles experts to examine this complex role and how MSLS can support the internal and external decision-making process. Listen as they explore the effective communication skills needed to fulfil these multi-layered tasks, and share first-hand insight into an MSL’s dual role of information sharer alongside effective insights gatherer.


Prof Peter Rutherford, MD, PhD
Vice President Integrated Market Access, EMEA and Emerging Markets

Gillian Boucher, MB ChB
Product and Strategy Director, Health Engagement and Communications

Simon Piggott
Associate MSL Director