Transforming Patient Recruitment through Patient and Site Engagement

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Originally presented August 23, 2016. Now available for On-Demand Viewing.

August 23, 2016

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As of March 2016, 11% of research sites industry-wide fail to enroll a single patient.  That’s time and money wasted that does not benefit sponsors. And 37% of sites under-enroll, creating inefficiency and lost productivity. We need to significantly improve on this statistic to generate studies that involve fewer sites to take advantage of the best leaders in each therapeutic area, reduce travel and administrative costs, and align process for easy start-up.

This webinar will address the various ways Quintiles is 1) pioneering early planning, 2) forming new and innovative relationships with industry partners, 3) developing strategic alliances with the right research partners, 4) using new technology and communication tools, and 5) creating effective physician networks  - all to place more focus on patient and site engagement. 


Bernadette Tosti
Senior Director of Patient Recruitment
Site and Patient Networks, Quintiles

Bernadette Tosti brings over 10 years of healthcare marketing, clinical trial recruitment and retention, and digital recruitment technology experience to her role at Quintiles. Prior to assuming her role as Head of Patient Recruitment Programs, Bernadette was responsible for Quintiles’ Health Engagement & Communications’ clinical business development including strategic insight on digital patient engagement solutions for recruitment and retention. Previously, Bernadette served in patient recruitment and product marketing roles in various organizations. During her tenure at Quintiles, she has helped develop innovative technology solutions for recruitment of patients into clinical trials and supported development of Quintiles’ patient communities. Bernadette has spoken at several industry conferences on the impact of patient recruitment and retention solutions on clinical trial enrollment performance.