Value Vigilance: A Transformative Approach to Managing Safety and Regulatory for Established Products

The bar has been raised – and the traditional barriers between regulatory and safety must be eliminated to ensure optimal portfolio “line of sight,” and ultimately the success of your established products.


April 02, 2015

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In this webinar, learn from Matt McKeever, VP and Global Head, Safety Knowledge and Reporting at Quintiles, and James Walker, founder of Octagon Research Solutions, Inc. as they introduce strategies for maximizing the value vigilance of your established product. 

Come out of this webinar with insightful strategies that will enable you to create a new model that addresses the changing industry dynamics and global compliance issues, integrates global processes and improves operational efficiencies to reduce cost. You will learn how to:
  • Identify, manage and mitigate product risks
  • Maintain profitability later in your product’s lifecycle
  • Generate greater insights into your established products portfolio
  • Contain technology and maintenance costs, and 
  • Manage and staff a complex global network
Keynote Speakers

Matthew McKeever, M.D., FAAP

VP and Global Head, Safety Knowledge and Reporting, Medical Safety, Aggregate Reporting, Benefit Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting, Quintiles

James C. Walker

CEO and Founder, Octagon Research Solutions, Inc.