Groves, MD, PhD
Vice President, Scientific Advisor, Advisory Services
Board certified in oncology and internal medicine, Dr. Groves has more than 20 years’ experience in drug development as corporate officer/senior manager, clinician and researcher. Prior to joining Quintiles in August of 2007, Dr. Groves was at Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc., starting in August 1999 as Vice President, Project Management and corporate officer. From 1994 until joining Ligand, Dr. Groves held a number of positions at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, most recently as Vice President, Project Direction, where he was responsible for the worldwide strategy of and project direction for late-stage Sanofi oncology projects. From May 1991 through October 1994, Dr. Groves served as Senior Project Director for the research division of Sterling Winthrop Corporation, and served as acting Vice President, Discovery and Clinical Research, Immunoconjugate Division. He was Director of Clinical Research and Development at CETUS Corporation from 1989 through 1991.
Eric Groves

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