White, BSc, CA-AM
Director, Strategic Provider Alliances
Gary White is a Director in the Strategic Provider Alliances group, which forms part of Quintiles Strategic Partnership team. This team’s remit is to enable continued strategic, operational and innovation alignment with strategic vendors by providing effective oversight and consistent management standards.

Gary joined Quintiles Central Lab in 2008, where he spent four years overseeing operational delivery for two of Quintiles labs' largest sponsors; ensuring ongoing study execution, best practice and continuous improvement. In 2013, he joined the Strategic Provider Alliances team and took on ownership of Quintiles’ strategic alliances with critical service providers, specifically, in the area of Clinical Trial Supplies. 

With 17 years of Pharmaceutical Product Development industry experience, Gary has spent time in both the pre-clinical and clinical sectors, beginning his pharmaceutical career in analytical development and optimization before moving into more strategic roles in industry.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry with IT and Instrumentation from Glasgow Caledonian University and is a certified members of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

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