Senior Nurse Advisor

Helga Williams is a Senior Nurse Adviser, supporting a number of projects across multiple therapy areas. Since joining Quintiles in 2000, Helga has worked as a Nurse Adviser and Respiratory Nurse Facilitator in primary care. Helga helps to support, advise and educate patients via telephone and face to face visits both within a clinical setting and in their home environment. This patient support provision is key in helping to ensure patient engagement and adherence to treatment regimes.

Helga is a registered nurse with over fifteen years of primary and secondary care experience of recruiting, maintaining and running audit programs and nurse led clinics. Working within both surgical and medical units, she also helps to educate and train healthcare professionals on the use of medical devices as part of treatment pathways.

Helga’s experience includes 12 years working in the NHS, including 4 years as ward manager on an acute medical ward. Helga has received national awards and recognition for her work, and has a wealth of experience in the delivery of training and education for both health care professionals and patients.

Helga Williams

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