Director of Nursing, UK
Ian Riches is UK Director of Nursing for Commercial in the UK where he heads a number of Patient Centric Projects. He has worked in the Nursing Services Division of Quintiles for 13 years, running both Patient Facing Services and those supporting Health Care Professional Education. Ian has developed the Flexible Nursing Team in the UK, allowing a wider range of customers to access “on demand” Patient Centric Services. The services include the provision of Nurse Educators; Patient Support Services; Primary and Secondary Care Auditing; and Patient focused clinical services. 

Prior his current role Ian worked as a Sales Manager in one of the Quintiles Teams, and before joining Quintiles, Ian worked as a Sales Manager in Pharma with Boots Pharmaceuticals and BASF/Knoll Pharma. 

Ian’s background is a Degree in Analytical Chemistry, undertaken in Norwich, whilst also working in Research with both Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Products.


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