Robasky, PhD
Associate Director, Bioinformatics

Dr. Kimberly Robasky is Associate Director of Bioinformatics for Expression Analysis, a Quintiles Company, in Durham, NC. Dr. Robasky's current areas of research are driven by client-side biomarker development needs, particularly in the fields of oncology and immunology. At EA|Quintiles, Dr. Robasky brought to bear her previous experience as a financial consulting software architect and business owner to support best practices for new business development in clinical and RUO genomic initiatives. Dr. Robasky also consults on strategy for genomic data analytics and integration with clinical value chains.

Dr. Robasky's publication topics include analyses of whole genome and targeted sequencing data via phasing, haplotyping and variant interpretation. Dr. Robasky received her Ph.D. in bioinformatics from Boston University on a research fellowship from George Church's Lab in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. 

Kimberly Robasky

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