Managing Director, Value Realization Solutions, Encore

Liz has more 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She has assisted organizations as they transition from abstracted quality measures to electronic clinical quality measures. Her projects to help clients make this transition have included eMeasures assessments, development of eMeasure programs and implementation of an eMeasures calculator. Liz has also developed Meaningful Use (MU) programs for healthcare provider organizations, conducted MU Readiness and MU Audit Documentation assessments and delivered MU education.

Prior to Quintiles, Liz worked for a large academic teaching facility and an ambulatory provider. She has directed teams that developed operating budgets, implemented systems (productivity, decision support and business intelligence), performed financial analysis, lead process improvement initiatives and developed process improvement, productivity and benchmarking programs.

Liz has a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Health Sciences from the University of Florida.

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