Vice President, Global Therapeutic Area Head, Gastroenterology, Project Leadership

Matt Copeman is Vice President and Global Therapeutic Head for Gastroenterology. He has a background in GI having started his career at Astra in 1991 working on omeprazole and budesonide following the completion of his Ph.D in gastric mucosal protection which he obtained from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Matt joined Quintiles in 2001 where he has predominantly worked in project management leading many successful IBD programs resulting in product registrations. As well as having leadership roles in Project Management, Matt has also held positions in Therapeutic Science and Strategy to help develop successful clinical trial strategies from Phase II to IV.

He was the co-founder of the Gastroenterology Centre of Excellence at Quintiles in 2011 and remains an active member helping develop methodology to ensure the teams are well trained and have a strong understanding of the GI therapy area. The GI CoE was at the forefront of developing a paradigm for endoscopy central reading for IBD clinical studies and has been presented at scientific meetings such as ECCO.

Matt is based in the UK and currently heads up the Global gastroenterology therapeutic project leadership group, which includes approximately 60 project leaders (PL) and is a member of the PL Leadership Team. 

Matt Copeman

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