Executive Vision Forum

2015 Executive Vision Forum: Roundtable Series

By aligning new perspectives, technologies and systems you can streamline the clinical development process and make it possible to demonstrate value and accelerate cures.

On November 6, key industry thought leaders, senior industry experts and life science leaders came together at the 7th Annual Executive Vision Forum to discuss rising trends, challenges and opportunities facing the future of healthcare.

The 2015 EVF focused on the need to transform clinical development by incorporating the needs of critical stakeholders, especially patients and payers, at the very beginning of the product development lifecycle to improve efficiency and create a targeted approach to asset development that improves the probability of market acceptance. Discussions at the event centered on:

  • Innovations in digital healthcare further enabling patient engagement.
  • The role of the patient in product development and defining value to achieve better overall outcomes at a reasonable costs.
  • The barriers to harnessing technology and implications that have lasting impact on what success looks like for the future of healthcare.

About the Executive Vision Forum: Roundtable Series
The EVF is an exclusive event where industry experts join Quintiles and life science leaders for a private workshop and discussion about shaping the future of healthcare.

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