Quintiles Celebrates International Clinical Trials Day


On May 20, the world will celebrate International Clinical Trials Day, recognizing the day that James Lind conducted the first clinical trial of the modern era, on May 20, 1747. Fast-forward to today, and while you’ll find 268 years’ worth of knowledge, technology advancements, and progressive research techniques, one thing remains the same – improving patient care is paramount to clinical research. At Quintiles, we pride ourselves on leveraging the breadth of expertise of our more than 33,000 employees to pursue our vision of bringing people and knowledge together for a healthier world.

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Hear from experts as they share their perspectives in honor of International Clinical Trials Day.

  • Shareholders are Key to Clinical Trial Success by Jeanne Hecht
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  • Q& A with Simon Denegri
  • Better, Faster, Personalized -- The Future of Clinical Trials by Paula Brown Stafford
  • Q & A with Dr. Wieslaw J Cubala

In honor of International Clinical Trials Day (May 20), Quintiles is celebrating the many faces of clinical trials. In this photo series, hear from Quintiles employees, physicians and patients about why International Clinical Trials Day is important to them. View our Facebook Community

Video Spotlights
The Patient Principle- Tess Brennan
The Patient Principle- Tess Brennan
Clinical Trials: Giving Hope
Clinical Trials: Giving Hope