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>500 Real-World & Late Phase programs since 2011.

Leverage dedicated local Australia and New Zealand teams with unique regulatory and operational knowledge backed by our global reach.

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Increasing the probability of success for your product

Generating real-world evidence is becoming more critical to product success as many healthcare stakeholders are all seeking additional data to support regulatory, reimbursement and prescribing decisions.

Leverage specialized real-world expertise and capabilities

Real-world studies demand different expertise and capabilities from design to execution. At Quintiles, a global Phase IV industry leader,* we understand these challenges and have proven solutions through a unique combination of scientific, operations and technology to successfully meet emerging standards for design, operations, analysis and quality assurance.

  • Support coverage decisions by demonstrating economic value and quality of life benefits
  • Evaluate long-term safety and benefit-risk profiles
  • Meet Post-marketing commitments
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in various populations
  • Support new indications or label extensions
  • Understand natural history of disease and change behavior
  • Cultivate thought leadership with market-specific messages

Our Australia and New Zealand dedicated business team is scheduling a series of in-person meetings at our customers’ offices in September. Are you ready to learn more about your real-world evidence needs?

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Maximizing Value and Quality in Phase IV Trials
Maximizing Value and Quality in Phase IV Trials