Quintiles and IMS Health have completed their merger to become QuintilesIMS, bringing together the deep therapeutic and scientific expertise of Quintiles with the leading information-powered technology services of IMS Health. To learn more about how this impacts our suppliers, please visit us here

Supplier Terms and Conditions
Quintiles HeadquartersQuintilesIMS Purchase Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in the following documents (the “Terms”).  The Terms are accepted and agreed to through a supplier’s:  (i) acknowledgement; (ii) commencement of performance; (iii) delivery of goods; or (iv) issuance of an invoice.  If a supplier has any questions about the Terms, they should contact the QuintilesIMS buyer that issued the Purchase Order.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Ethics Compliance_sustainability SCOCQuintilesIMS is committed to sustainable business practices.  Based on internationally recognized standards, our Supplier Code of Conduct is aimed at advancing social and environmental responsibility.  All suppliers are expected to adhere to the QuintilesIMS Supplier Code of Conduct available here.

How to Become a Supplier/Vendor to QuintilesIMS

QuintilesIMS provides a breadth of services for and on behalf of our customers and is continually seeking to expand and improve our capabilities by working with suppliers and vendors that offer quality, productivity or cost advantages via the emerging products, services and technologies they provide.

At QuintilesIMS we maintain compliance with high ethical and quality standards and apply those standards in our vendor selection, vendor qualification, vendor contracting and vendor performance management processes. Suppliers and Vendors should support QuintilesIMS Sustainability objectives, are required to comply with the QuintilesIMS Supplier Code of Conduct and must complete a comprehensive qualification process that includes an assessment of compliance with anti-bribery / anti-corruption, quality, security and other requirements.

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