Product Insight

Because Quintiles has been immersed in your product’s development, we understand every aspect of your drug, from the patient profile to previous adverse reactions. We’re ready to tackle recruitment, site management and regulatory concerns, armed with the right knowledge — right from the start. 

Market Insight

At every step of the way, you’re thinking about how to get the most value out of your product. No other CRO understands the complexities of the marketplace like Quintiles. Our commercial expertise provides clear direction — and special focus — for late phase planning to help you identify opportunities and address the information needs of real-world prescribers, payers and patients.

Therapeutic Insight 

Quintiles’ medical specialists bring invaluable experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas to help inform your studies. You can count on our in-depth knowledge of treatment trends and preferences typical to community physicians and patients for your specifi c therapy area.

Operational Insight

Familiar with your internal systems and processes,  we’ve already built the interfaces, forms, systems and reports that fi t your needs. So we’ll dispense with getting acquainted and get right to work. We’ll also bring a new level of flexible, innovative solutions to meet the challenges of late phase research. These efficiencies save you time and money — it just makes good business sense.

Want to learn how Quintiles can give you a post-market advantage?
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