Biopharmaceutical companies, regardless of location, face high costs, long timelines and the need for enhanced data visibility. And in Asia Pacific, additional challenges await. Companies must adapt to government-imposed cost containment methods and manage the push toward generics over novel therapeutics. To establish product safety and value, they must now conduct real-world risk-benefit assessments. 

Implementing an Asia Pacific strategy can address these specific challenges and lead to transformative success. With our integrated capabilities, Quintiles can help you build a strategy that will support clinical programs and commercial launch throughout Asia Pacific. Strengthened by local, in-depth therapeutic knowledge and a deep understanding of key regional issues, we can help you:

  • Conduct local trials to navigate dynamic regulatory frameworks
  • Demonstrate value to a broad range of local payers through tactics such as medical science liaisons, publication planning and late phase research
  • Implement local market access and commercial strategies