Specialised, field-based Medical Affairs services can enable effective, compliant therapeutic area and product understanding prior to launch to help facilitate and sustain optimal patient access to medicines. In an environment where clear, transparent and compliant communication is increasingly required, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) provide a credible link to external stakeholders, helping to reduce the gap between clinical development and commercial success.

This article provides a detailed overview of the MSL function and discusses how the MSL can play an important role spanning pre-launch and launch, through to providing support for an existing product line. Equipped with academic credentials and experience, the MSL can help demonstrate value, ensure compliance and reduce time to patient access - whether through establishing a bridge between pharma companies and HCPs; acting as a trusted advisory to HCPs on scientific matters, providing objective and balanced product information, education and training, or educating and supporting internal stakeholders. In addition, they provide unique opportunities to gather key insights into the Medical Affairs organisation within pharma companies to guide clinical strategies and new developments.

MSL deployment is not, however, an insignificant investment; so this article also illustrates a number of measurement indicators which can provide insight into engagement levels, and determine whether the resource is delivering the required results and return.

Source: Pharma Horizon

Special Issue 2017