Putting the patient at the center – this is the objective of the majority of healthcare stakeholders. The challenge comes when putting this into practice. The book "Patientenorientierung", developed in cooperation with BMC (Bundesverband Managed Care e.V.), brings together the knowledge of more than 80 parties in the area of patient centricity.

Quintiles’ contribution: Using real examples from the UK, discover how the use of appropriate communication channels and the combination of different methods of interaction can help to increase patients’ engagement in their healthcare. Higher engagement in turn can lead to a positive impact on therapy adherence. As part of a dynamic information and interaction process, the patient evolves from being an "informed user" to a "partner" in health. A partner who can actively contribute to improvements of medical care. 

Dr. Birgit Friedmann, Senior Director Market Access, Eva Schalk, Market Access Project Manager und Ronald Schwarz, Market Access Consultant

Amelung VE, Eble S, Hildebrandt H, Knieps F, Lägel R, Ozegowski S, Schlenker R-U, Sjuts R (Hrsg.) (2015) Patientenorientierung. Schlüssel für mehr Qualität. MWV Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Berlin

Link to the publication:  Amelung et al. (Hrsg.): Patientenorientierung

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