Among our testing enhancements in 2012, we established state-of-the-art microbiology capabilities in all labs, expanded our molecular and genomic services to include India and Japan, and enhanced anatomic pathology testing around the world, including China. With harmonized instruments, reagents and processes, you can count on consistent results from patient samples anywhere in the world.

Download our featured fact sheets or view the Assay Spotlight for more information on these specific capabilities:

Partnering With You to Address the Challenges of Developing Anti-infectives


In a world of rapidly evolving and drug-resistant microorganisms, Quintiles is a global laboratory solutions provider with the scientific expertise and comprehensive capabilities to support your microbiology needs across the drug-development continuum. Download Fact Sheet

Flow Cytometry:

A Powerful Technique for Clinical Research and Practice


Quintiles has the industry's largest network of wholly-owned, CAP-accredited central laboratories and can conduct and support trials in any region, with flow cytometry facilities based in North America, Singapore, India, China, South Africa, and a global center of excellence in Europe. Download Fact Sheet

Anatomic Pathology - Oncology Expertise:

Scientific Collaborator for Global Laboratory Solutions


Whether you wish to use one of our existing assays, need assistance with developing a new assay, or plan to deploy one developed by your diagnostic partner, as your collaborator, Quintiles has the scientific expertise, resources, and flexibility to develop the right oncology testing solution for you and ensure harmonization of results across all regions of the world.

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Assay Spotlight:

Interleukin 28B – Hep C

SNPs in the IL28B gene are predictors of therapeutic response in HCV patients and are so critical to clinical trials that IL28B genotype testing is required for HCV trials in N. America, Europe, and Asia. Read more about IL28B and our global capability to quickly and reliably conduct this and other molecular testing.

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