How Do You Manage the Health of Your Clinical Development Processes and Effectively Measure Performance, Control Risk, and Demonstrate Value?

Have you ever asked questions like these?

  • How do our study and site level cycle times compare with those of our peers?
  • How can we increase resource productivity both internally and with strategic partners?
  • What is our total cost of clinical development and what are the main drivers and levers for change?
  • Are compliance lapses emerging and how can we remedy these and turn compliance into sustainable business advantage?

The Consulting Group at Quintiles has collected and documented evidence that cost and productivity pressure is translating to the need to extend beyond mere cost cutting operations to the creation of true operational competitive advantage. Clinical development is ripe with transformational opportunities due to its very heterogenous evolution across companies. As a result, most companies are good at certain aspects of development, but very few have best-in-class capabilities across the full spectrum of activities. Understanding this challenge, we have developed a diagnostic approach to help you deconstruct your performance, assess strategic options, develop innovative solutions, and implement sustainable change.