Quintiles Employee Tess Brennan lived with atypical symptoms from a medical condition for more than 20 years trying to understand why she constantly felt tired and was experiencing bone pain and tenderness around her stomach. In 2012, she finally learned that she had been suffering from hepatitis-C, most likely for most of her life.

As a Quintiles employee and 20-year veteran of clinical research, Tess enrolled in a clinical trial at Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. She soon learned the trial was being managed by her employer, Quintiles.

The combination of three drugs which Tess took over an eight-week period quickly took her viral load from more than 10 million down to 47 and then to zero. After six months of being virus free, Tess’ doctors proclaimed her cured of hep-C.

Tess’s story about the importance of clinical trials and their ability to change people’s lives was so stirring that Raleigh, North Carolina television station WNCN TV (NBC 17) interviewed her about the experience of being on both sides of a clinical trial.  Quintiles Chief Medical and Scientific Officer Dr. Jeff Spaeder was also interviewed for the piece.

The story was broadcast on Wednesday, November 5 and can be accessed in the media player at the bottom of this story. You can also read about Tess' journey here.

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