To support the changing needs of Quintiles clients, the Center for Statistics in Drug Development group has shifted toward the innovation of the drug development process and advanced statistical methodology. The main statistical areas of the CSDD expertise are adaptive designs, model based drug development, missing data methods, data mining, subgroup analysis and biomarker discovery, multiplicity issues, and Bayesian methods and techniques. While the team members are not therapeutically specialized consul­tants, they do have extensive experience in several therapeutic areas including oncology, Central Nervous System (CNS), diabetes, pain, and cardiovascular diseases.

Today, the CSDD has eight full-time members, each with a special area of expertise, but all shar­ing knowledge and working together in facilitating the use of advanced statistical methods for Quintiles’ customers. Download this article to read more about our services and hear about our work collaborating with Janssen on training and specialized consulting.

Note: This article was originally published in Biopharmaceutical Report Summer 2013 20.3 (2013): 10-15.